If your Author/Artist name was added to the directory by someone else, please send a Tweet to @FPS_List or use the Contact form to have it transferred to you. Scroll down to add a new name.

Add Names / Submit Updates

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Use this table to submit new Authors/Artists, or updates to existing ones, such as adding more fandoms to your published entries or changing your Statement URL.

Using the modal form to add fandoms

Double-click on a cell to edit inline, then click anywhere else to save. Or single-click a row and click Edit to bring up the modal form. Your inputs will be moved to the master list by a Site Admin after you select Submit: Yes. Once published, you can make instant updates to your Pseudonyms, Languages and Pairings.

Column descriptions:

  • Author/Artist: Primary username of the person giving permission for transformative works.
  • Alternate Pseudonyms: Other usernames that share the same permission statement link. Include site names/abbreviations (e.g., FFnet: myname; DeviantArt: myname), not URLs. The field is searchable to help people find you.
  • Statement URL: Hyperlink to the permission statement. It will be verified before it’s added to the list (see note).
  • Fandoms: List new fandoms for an existing Author/Artist, or all fandoms for a new Author/Artist. Click the image for help adding fandoms.
  • Entry: Specify whether each entry is a new Author/Artist or an update to a published one.
  • Submit: Select ‘Yes’ when your entries are ready to be published. They will be moved to the directory by a Site Admin.

Note:  Regarding verification, permission statements can be posted on any page that can be edited by the Author/Artist; meaning that the original creator has the ability and the right to change or withdraw their permission at any time.