Required fields for new entries:

  • Author/Artist
  • Statement URL
  • Fandoms
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Fandoms should be entered one per line in the Fandoms field, as shown. A minimum of one is required for every Author/Artist in the master list. However, if you have a long list of fandoms, that’s fine, too. AO3 users can copy/paste the entire fandom lists from their dashboards into this cell. Don’t worry about the (#) at the end; a macro will clear those out.

Take as long as you need to finish your inputs. To save and come back later, leave the Submit field set to No, and click OK. When you’re finished making changes, set Submit to Yes. Your inputs will be published as soon as possible – hopefully the same day. Please be patient, though, as the database geek (“That’s me, by the way. Hello.” – Sherlock) will be doing this work in her free time.

Note that clicking Cancel, Previous, or Next without saving first will cause your changes to be lost. To save, click OK, save and close, or Apply, save without closing.

If you have questions, please post them in the Discussion Forum. I’ve created a Support/FAQs section there, so people with similar questions can find answers.