Fanworks Permission Statements (FPS) List is a multi-fandom master list of creative people who are happy to inspire creativity in others, and have posted Blanket Statements that say so.

Are you a creator of fannish works? If you want to invite others to create podfics, fanfics, fanart, translations, and other fannish activities from your work, please help grow this list by adding a link to your Permission Statement, posted wherever your works can be found online.

This directory is a fan-created, fan-run site that was first populated by one person browsing through user profiles on If you are on this list and would like your Author/Artist name removed, please send a Tweet or use the Contact form to make your request, and it will be taken down as soon as possible. Alternatively, registered users can manage their own Author/Artist name(s). In your tweet or form, just specify which names from the list belong to you. Once they’ve been transferred to your account, they will appear in your My Authors/Artists pages.

Wondering why you are not on this list? Probably because the initial search barely scratched the surface of what’s out there. It was done by a human, not a bot. If you do have a Permission Statement, or plan to write one, please post it where anyone viewing your work can find it, then add your name to the FPS List.

Your Permission Statement doesn’t have to be all-encompassing. You might welcome transformative works on the condition that they link back to your original work; or give blanket permission for podfics, repods, fanart, fanvids, translations, etc., but prefer to be asked first for sequels, prequels, and extended verse fanfiction. It’s your Statement. Be as specific or as open as you choose. That said, a policy that requires others to ask first before creating any type of transformative work doesn’t qualify as blanket permission and won’t be added to this list. 

If you need help writing a Statement, you can browse through some of the links that others have posted to get an idea of how they look and how widely they vary, or ask more specific questions through the Contact form or on Twitter.

When your Statement is ready, come back and Register, then add your name. An FPSL Admin will check your Statement and publish it to the list, usually within a day or two. Statements can be posted on any page that can be edited by the Author/Artist, meaning that the original creator has the ability and the right to change or withdraw their permission at any time. 

A note about Non-Permission Statements (a.k.a. Blanket No): is designed to help fans who are seeking permission to create transformative works in their chosen fandoms. If your policy is to deny permissions of any kind, that is your right, and it’s a good idea to clarify it with a Statement on your page. However, please do not add it here.

This site was launched in May 2017, and is updated regularly. Please feel free to make suggestions or report any issues. Thank you.